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Since October 1995, we offer several programs to residents who are granted day parole on conditional release including community, study or work projects.

To define intervention and support for social reintegration, the CRF is positioned in the field of delinquency-criminality. The clinical approach of Maison Jeun'Aide allows residents to express what is making them suffer. A custom of questioning these issues helps create a space of understanding leading to specific interventions. It is also important to provide the required framework allowing the reintegration of residents. Clinical approach is developed in two parts, individual and social.

On the individual level, clinical counselors meet one on one with an approach focusing on the understanding of problematic areas. This offers individuals the opportunity to question and identify needs to guide the intervention in a specific and personalized way. In addition, these interviews create support and aid in coaching the resident towards reintegration.

On a group level, residents must attend thematic workshops. Problematic areas are identified in the correctional plan as being areas of need. Here, the approach focuses on verbal communication and the ability of the individual to question beyond their problems. Information at the level of social reintegration is also conveyed.

Finally, residents can enjoy structured and supervised leisure activities being recreational or cultural. (Gym, Movie Theater, AA).
The CRF Maison Jeun'Aide works closely with staff of the Correctional Service of Canada of the Ville-Marie sector providing support and guidance to the released in their social reintegration.

About Us


The CRF houses 32 residents, including 22 accommodations in a single room.

Various other facilities are available to residents: laundry room, exercise room, Videotron cable, furnished kitchen and community room as well a closed backyard.

About Us


Founded in 1986

Since 1986 Maison Jeun' Aide has worked with an alcoholic and substance abuse clientele. The house became a community residential facility in 1990. The CRF now welcomes men on day parole, conditional parole or statutory release under the jurisdiction of the Correctional Service of Canada.
From September 1990 to October 1995, Maison Jeun' Aide help offered a program specializing in addiction and rehabilitation to people with use of psychotropic products and problems with criminality.

Since October 1995

Maison Jeun'aide offers programs of community projects and /or studies and/or work for residents who received day parole of this type.
In addition, CRF welcomes the inmates in external placements and PP60 (personal development).
Finally, since December 2008 the CRF also welcomes offenders with a statutory release with a residency condition.